The Science

PINPOINT BRIGHT BRAINS contains a specific extract of Bacopa Monnieri (BOD68), a plant-based supplement originally discovered in India over 2,000 years ago, which through numerous clinical trials has confirmed that it improves cognitive processes such as memory and speed of information processing in adults and children over 7 years of age 1.

Bacopa works by increasing the growth rate of nerve endings, thus enhancing the rate at which the nervous system can communicate 2.

The result is that Bacopa Monnieri improves memory and recall, clear thinking, focus and mental calmness.

PINPOINT BRIGHT BRAINS is formulated with BOD68, a unique extract of Bacopa Monnieri which has been shown to be equal to the most effective extract currently available, a formulation that has been meticulously researched over many years.

Always read the label, Use only as directed and If symptoms persist see your doctor.

1 Stough C, et al 2013
2 Benson S, et al 2014